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eyes closed

Is this a facebook fishing scam?

I'm getting messages in an e-mail account that I do NOT use for facebook saying that I've created a facebook account. Apparently my name is Germaine and people are already returning my friend requests. I have not clicked on any of the links in these e-mails because I assume it's some kind of scam. My fear is that if it is NOT a scam and someone really did use my e-mail to open an account that they can use the feature on facebook to send a friend request to everyone in my e-mail address book.

Is this a fishing scam? Or can someone open a facebook account using my e-mail account?


I was getting those long before I was on Facebook.

When I got there I looked up most variations on my name and confirmed that there was nothing there.
I'm betting that it is a scam, only one of the two email address' I know of show up in FB.

In addition FB sends you an confirmation email when you sign up, so you would have already seen it.
They did send me a confirmation e-mail. It even said I would not have to click on the link if I didn't want to confirm. I assumed it was part of the scam. Damn the e-mails look legit, EXACTLY like the ones my real facebook e-mail account got.
Ok, so someone is trying to setup a FB account with your email address then.

But, since you haven't confirmed it, they are failing. I'm assuming it is your LxxxIxxxxxxx@yahoo.com address?

If you look at the confirmation email there should be a "If this isn't you..." section.
So if I don't confirm then someone else can't set up a facebook using my e-mail?
Cambler is right, I would do that, but I would use a couple of tricks first to see if it were valid first.

As long as you don't confirm it, the account will be deactivated/deleted after a period of time.
If you like, forward me the email I can tell you if it's legit or not.
Sent! Thanks.