Girl who dances in a cage (cagekitten) wrote,
Girl who dances in a cage

Firefighters under orders to let house burn down

This news story is a great example of personal responsibility. Rural Obion County does not have a tax funded department. So someone started a privately funded fire department. The way it works is those who want the fire department to be available in the event of a fire must pay $75 per year. If you don't, you do not get any fire department service. One thing I have to deal with in business a LOT is people who think the rules don't apply to them. The home owner in this story is a perfect example of that. He thought that if he did not pay the $75 fee that if his house did end up on fire the firefighters would show up and put out his fire anyway. Maybe he thought he was special and was supposed to be given a service for free that all his neighbors have to pay for. Guess what happened when his house caught fire, read below...

I understand that people and animals can die in a fire. But that's not an excuse to expect firefighters to work for free. But putting out a fire is a life threatening venture and why would you expect someone to risk their life to save your home...for free!? And firefighters have families and children, they have bills to pay and mortgages due. If some people pay the $75 per year and some don't, how are these firefighters supposed to feed their children and pay their mortgages and rent?

The home owner said that when he called 911 he offered to pay for the cost of putting out the fire. But if he is allowed to do that then everyone has to be allowed to do that. And no one would pay the $75 per year, they would just wait and see if there is a fire and then if there is one offer to pay for it. And that means if there are no fires then once again the firefighters make no money and they can't feed their families or pay their mortgages.

If your county tells you fire fighter service is only available to you if you pay an annual fee then it is your personal responsibility to choose if you want fire fighter service or you want to risk losing your home and save $75. If you make the wrong choice there are consequences. Please don't cry to the news about your poorly made choice.

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