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socks and cat

Just what I needed

Finally! Finally! Someone has invented a device that will let my cell phone calls ring to multiple landline phones throughout the house WITHOUT -- I reampeat WITHOUT -- actually having to pay a monthly fee for landline service. It's called a Gigaset: http://www.officemax.com/technology/phones-headsets/cordless-phones/product-prod2800012

This means I can finally bite the bullet and make the switch from landline to cell phone and not have to worry about missing an important business call just because I'm not on the same floor in my home as the cell phone. And I won't have to pay $30 a month for landline service to do it. Here is a video explaining how it works:

The only part I can't figure out is if it can make it ring to multiple phones if the multiple phones are not hooked up to the device. Does the Gigaset send a signal to every phone in the house? The video is not clear about whether or not I need a special expensive phone or phones to do that. And reviews say the company provides no customer service so I won't be able to call them and find out.


As long as you have Wi-Fi at home (there's an iPd touch app that does this), it should work....but, as noted above, no customer service may have you starting again in a few months...not that phone companies' customer service add value to a land-line.

P.S. I can see *and* drive again! I'd like to.
Oops.....you don't even need Wi-Fi ( a system I was lo9oking at), but just a wireless phone that has one base and multiple handsets....even better!)
I have never heard of a phone with only one base and multiple hand sets. Does that exist?
o_o they are everywhere.. go to costco, bestbuy.. where ever. The Panasonic ones are what we've used and they usually have reliably good sound quality (some don't) just be sure they are on the same frequency as your wireless internet system (if you have it) and it's all good. We have vonage, you should look into it as you can have all calls (cell or whatever) ring through the "landline" and can have business number separate from home number... heck you can even have a number in another area code/city for not much extra that'll ring through to your "landline"
aren't on the same frequency.. oops ;)
Vonage charges a monthly fee. It doesn't make sense to pay $30 a month just to make your cell phone ring louder. And that's all I want is for my cell to ring to a couple of loud land line phones so I can hear it on both floors of my home.

Can you tell me what the Panasonic one is called so I can google for it?
There are many phones out there in many variations i suggest just checking out the various features offered and make a decision from there. We've had our phone system for a few years so i know the models out there now are different variants of the same thing. I just suggest in getting a panasonic system over a cheaper but maybe turns out to have less reliable sound quality (cracking and static) The vonage systems offers a heck of a lot but if you don't see the value or think you need it fair enough.. ( no long distance bla bla bla..)
We have call forwarding ( to two cells) simu ring ( rings both numbers) and a number in another city/ country plus no long distance for the price. There are many other features of the system you cannot get elsewhere.. It's pretty cool :p
I have one at work. One main base with a phone, and two "satellite" bases with phones. I have one at my cash register, one at my desk in the main part of the store, and one at my desk at the back part of the store. All wireless, and all on the same phone line. I think the set was $70.00 at Sam's Club (like Costco).
Google voice does this. And it's free. And it requires no hardware. And it transcribes your messages and emails (or txts) them to you. And there are officially supported programs that run on cell phones that work with the service. I've been using it for quite a while. And, there's customer service. You need an invite code to join, though -- let me know if you're interested and I'll send you one.
Forgive me, but I seriously doubt google voice has the ability to make a landline phone ring without paid landline service. If the phone isn't plugged into the wall and has no service how would Google get it to ring? That sounds physically impossible.
You're quite right -- it won't make inactive lines ring, it only ties together any number of active lines. How it works is you get another number (free) that you can either forward your original number to, or you can have people call it directly, that will ring all of your lines (except the one it was forwarded from, of course). You can use any SIP phone you like and have internet phone service from a variety of providers for free/cheap, but a landline is what, $10 a month these days? It might be better to just keep that and not bother with buying IP phone equipment. It's what I've been using to tie my lines together, and it's what Eleanore uses for her business. Might be worth checking out.
I am paying $30 per month for my landline with Comcast. Could you please direct me to one of these places that only charges $10 per month?