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socks and cat

What should I wear with this?

Look at the vampire slayer belt I found at Value Village. What should I wear with it to make a vampire hunter costume? Black catsuit? Leather pants and a cut off tank top? School girl outfit (like a Buffy style schoolgirl slayer)?

Wish I could find an Edward Cullen head and just carry around a beheaded Edward as part of my costume. But I don't know where to buy one of those.


I'd go with the schoolgirl outfit, myself.
I really have my heart set on the Twilight version. Google has turned up no sources to buy a disembodies Edward Cullen head. So I might have to settle for school girl.
I love the Twilight idea. However, the mainstream might still be too in love with the notion of sparkly vampires (ick) for Edward Cullen heads to be readily available. May you could check out one of those big Halloween supply stores?
You could always get a cardboard version of him and chop the head off that... I mean, his acting is flat as it is, why not the accessory? :D