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socks and cat

King 5 at our studio

King 5 News confirmed. They will be filming a private pole party in our studio this weekend for their new story. I requested a female camera person but they were unable to secure one. I felt bad that the party would have men in the room so I offered them $250 off their party if they would agree to it. They did.



I'm glad they agreed, but sorry it cost you money!
If this segment gets aired it's TOTALLY worth it. I'll have a big banner on my website that says "As seen on King 5 news".
Should have asked them if they minded having a man there/being filmed for tv. You likely could have saved yourself $250. I doubt they would have minded. But of course, since you offered them $250, I doubt that they'd turn it down after offered.
It's a pretty huge deal to ask women to have strange men attending and watching them do sexy moves and pole dance -- and film it! I wouldn't do it for any less than $250.
True, but you've always been a bit particular about men. Most women I know wouldn't bat an eyelash. Especially if you tell them it's for a news broadcast or TV. I still maintain that you likely could have saved yourself $250 if you'd just asked them first if they minded if a newscrew did some filming for a story. If they did mind, you could have offered the rebate then...but they likely wouldn't have. It's not like the 'strange men' are there filming for their own pervy purposes or anything.