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socks and cat

$100 for a tank and cardigan set?

Victoria's Secret has found a way to make a sequin top into everyday casual wear by pairing it with a matching cardigan. I love this look!! The purple sequin top is the same color as the purple cardigan and the turquoise sequin top is the same color as the turquoise cardigan. I totally want both sets!

The problem? They want $40 for the sweater and $60 for the sequin top. The last time I purchased a sequin top it cost me $22. I would buy that sequin top and cardigan set in a heartbeat if they weren't overcharging for the sequin top. But I really REALLY want that set! But I can't bring myself to overpay for something.


That is so cute...but, yeah, way too expensive.

Do you have a Forever 21 nearby? I bet you could get something similar to the tank for much cheaper.
The sequin top I paid $22 came from one of those Forever 21 copy cat stores. But none of those cheap stores having matching cardigans.
Tried googling. Found sequin tops for cheap but none with a matching cardigan.