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socks and cat

Looks like I'm just one degree separated from True Blood

Well shoot. Here I was bashing True Blood and it turns out the executive producer is my former boss from when I was an assistant at Paramount Pictures. He was one of the two main producers for Lakeshore's new television development department. I started at Lakeshore Television as a receptionist and when Gregg Fienberg fired his assistant I got promoted to take her place. I even baby sat his two children one night so he could take his wife out. He was a great boss and super nice. So nice in fact that I feel bad about bashing his tv show.


You know, you can still like a person and not be so much into aspects of their work. :)

I wouldn't feel bad about it too much. In fact, I think that your feelings on it could be an interesting conversation piece between the two of you if the circumstance occured and it was put the right way. Because I don't think knowing someone who is responsible for the show changes how you feel about the content, right?
When I think about it he was always attracted to off beat horror stuff. He produced Twin Peaks long before I worked for him and was just starting pre-production on the movie Gods & Monsters when I was working for him. Creepy stuff is his thing. So I respect that he does the kind of work he loves, even if I'm not into it.

Edited at 2010-09-17 06:14 pm (UTC)