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Rescuing Vader

Woke up in the middle of the night to weird thumping noises in my walls. Pretty scary considering the bedroom is on the 4th floor and quicksilver1 is in Iraq. So who would be thumping my walls!?

Then I look around the bed and realize Vader is missing. I call out, "Vader?"

I hear, "Thump. Thump thump."

I call again, "VADER?"


Apparently he had jumped up onto my 3 foot high book shelf that is placed facing out from a corner. He somehow fell behind the bookshelf to the floor (or maybe decided to jump down there) and was trapped in the small triangle shaped space between the back of the book shelf and the corner. The thumping was his attempts at leaping back up but then falling back down to the floor.

I had to jump out of bed and rescue my little kitty. I moved the bookshelf out of the way and he walked back to bed.


Ahhh cute now I want to run a SAVE VADER vs SAVE SPOCK protest at burning man...

Love you with major HUGgable-ness and the cat... dignity must always be preserved lol
And he was all like "you didn't see that! I TOTALLY meant to do that!" as cats are wont to be.
Poor kitty!! I hope he's not too traumatized. Be wary if he starts asking more snuggles than usual. :)
Oh Kitty!