Girl who dances in a cage (cagekitten) wrote,
Girl who dances in a cage

Since when does a rapist and murderer make a good romantic leading man?

So I just finished the first season of True Blood and the first couple of episodes from Season 2 and I'm pretty shocked. I have a degree in screen writing and one of the number one rules of script writing is that your protagonist has to be likable. A man who does not understand that when a woman says no to sex act that no means no is not likable by any stretch of the imagination. Neither is a boyfriend who murders his girlfriend's uncle behind her back.

The second time Sookie and her vampire boyfriend have sex she asks him NOT to bite her this time. He does anyway. I guess a 100 or so years did not teach him that a woman's body is sacred and you don't enter her body in any way without her permission. She said no, he did it anyway. Sookie also demonstrated over and over that she could handle herself and her own personal conflicts with people and didn't want others interfering. Sookie's conflict with her uncle was LONG over years ago. She banished him from the family and he was an old, alone wheel chair bound cripple who was no threat to anyone now. But vampire Bill decides that he should murder her uncle anyway.

I just want to be clear about something, in Twilight Bella and Edward's relationship was obviously unhealthy. But the difference between unhealthy and abusive is boundaries. Vampire Bill crosses Sookie's boundaries by forcing a sex act on her she said no to and by murdering her uncle. When Edward caught Bella kissing Jacob he did not get upset or do anything. He just decided to let Bell make what ever choice made her the happiest. When vampire Bill caught Sookie kissing his romantic rival he went all crazy and violent on the rival. See the difference?

Thank you HBO for producing a show that glorifies abuse and the violation of personal boundaries in relationships. Like we don't see enough of that in real life already.

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