Girl who dances in a cage (cagekitten) wrote,
Girl who dances in a cage

Controversy over no screaming children allowed

In the news lately is a Carolina Beach restaurant that has put a sign up that says: Screaming children will not be tolerated! The rule at the restaurant is that you can bring the children, but if they scream you have to either take them outside or into the restroom until they quiet down. This has increased business for the restaurant.

As luck would have it right in the area of the restaurant was a convention for parents of autistic children. And a parent of an autistic child got very upset at the sign and walked into the restaurant and confronted the owner. Autistic children can scream uncontrollably. So the mother of this child, who when interviewed claimed the restaurant owner is a bigot, is suing the owner for discriminating against her disabled child.

I disagree with the mother for the following reasons:

1. The rule applies to all children. The sign does not say autistic children screaming won't be tolerated. It applies to all children whether disabled or not.

2. No one is saying autistic children can't come in and dine there. They are saying the parent has to remove the child when it disrupts the dining experience of the other paying customers and wait outside until the child calms down.

3. Screaming children equals lost revenue for a restaurant. No one wants to come back to a restaurant after a bad experience like that. As a business owner I should have a right to remove anything that interferes with my ability to make enough money to feed and put a roof over the head of my family. I don't care how disabled you are, it doesn't give you the right to risk my ability to provide food and shelter to myself and my loved ones.

4. I think it must be heart breaking and challenging and sometimes frustrating to have a child with autism. But I think even with a disabled child you should still be courteous to other adults around you. I know it's extra work to have to keep walking your child outside to quiet them or wait for them to quiet down on their own. But it's part of being a parent to a disabled child. Please don't think everyone around you should suffer or be financially penalized to cater to your child's disability.

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