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socks and cat

Next year's Norwescon costume?

So the top in the previous post needs a warrior princess skirt and an extensive googling for scale mail skirts turned up only two artists in the entire country that do them. And really only one of them was of a quality that I like. Here is one of his skirts:

He wants $375 for that one and I just e-mailed him and asked him what he would charge for a smaller mini skirt version of this. I'm hoping less scales and less work might mean less expensive.

I will still need shoulder armor for this as well. So overall this costume will be a large investment. I'll probably wear it (or different versions of it) for years to lots of costume events.


Thanks, but I'm looking for metal shoulder armor. I'm all about the shiny. :)
I totally recognize your friend's site now. I have had my eye on their clock bra forever (too pricey though).

The link is to leather shoulder armor. Definitely want metal and not leather. But if I decide on leather I will go with them for sure.