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socks and cat


The train ride to and from Portland was nice and I really do love taking the train so much more than flying. You can arrive at the train station 10 minutes before your train arrives and hop right on. None of that waiting around for an hour like you do at the airport. You can get up and move around all you want. And if you get tired of your seat you can enjoy a meal in the dining car. The food has really improved over the years and on the train back I enjoyed a salad made made with lettuce, spinach, dried cranberries, dried apricots, fresh apples and blue cheese.

The movies are are free if you bring your own headphones or $3 to buy headphones. And if you pay $14 extra you can get a seat at a table so you have a huge table to spread out on for the entire ride and you can use it for a picnick or to spread out your laptop and paperwork and get some work done.

I wish they had trains that go to Fresno so I could take one home for Xmas. But they don't have a route that goes to Fresno.