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socks and cat

Need new mp3 player

My Sansa Fuze, which is only a few months old, is now dead as a doornail. The good news is that I purchased a limited warranty on the thing at Best Buy and in my experience they just give you a new one when this happens. The bad news is that they may not have them in stock and I'll be up a creek trying to run a dance studio without anything to play music on. I think it's best I just get store credit and find a different brand mp3 player.

Anyone know of any OTHER mp3 players that let you create sub folders?


For my money, the best really is the ipod. Ipod classic are pretty big and let you create subfolders and have different playlists in each folder. Just my $.02.
Ipod, Ipod, Ipod. My old one is 6 years old and my newer one is amazing. It's worth the money.
FAIL. :( iPod can do subfolders but not subfolders within subfolders. iPod is for personal use and simply doesn't have the features a professional dance studio needs like playlists within playlists.
Yup, Ipod.
Thank you everyone but iPod can't do subfolders. You can sort of force it to some folders but then it can't do subfolders within subfolders. I have folders like:

Personal music
Studio music

And within the Studio music folder are folders like:

Warm up music

And within warm up music folder are folders like:

2010 warm up music
2009 warm up music
Grindy warm up music
Sensual warm up music
Level 1 warm up music
Advanced warm up music

iPod not only can't handle subfolders within subfolders like that but it can't drag and drop mp3's from windows folders. iPod wasn't made for professional studio settingings with muliple playlists within playslists.

My Sony Walkman Has been working pretty well for me and it does have folders. It is also drag and drop with no other software needing to be installed.
That's what I wanted to hear. Have you ever created a folder within a folder? If yes, I'll go out and buy one ASAP.
I have my stuff in Artist/Album/*.mp3 layout.

It hasn't seemed to have any problems. Note I play with all shuffle or a Genre Shuffle most of the time But I checked its ability to go into the folders before I posted about it and it seems to work pretty well.
I'm afraid I don't understand your reply. Can you make a folder called A? And then within A have sub folders 1, 2 and 3. And then within subfolder 1 have subfolders K, J and F? Is that possible on the walkman?
I only have folders and subfolders at this point so I can't vouch 100% for anything beyond the first subfolder.

Given it's ability to deal with them as a data drive I would suspect it would be fine.

I don't listen to music based on folder, but did navigate as far as I have on it and test before posting eariler.
I bought it and the subfolders are right where I want them. But I can't figure out how to get the walkman to shuffle just within a playlist. I found the "shuffle all" button (not what I want). How do you shuffle within a folder or playlist?
Actually I think I figured it out. It's just the opposite of other mp3 players. Instead of being in the song list and then hitting shuffle you have to select shuffle all (which takes you out of your song list) and then put it back into the song list you want it to shuffle from.
I definitely sympathize with your frustration that many mp3 players do not display your playlists the way you want to see them organized and I think I understand why you do it that way.

Possible solution: Use an android phone and load a custom music player that does it the way you want. There might be one already available. Make someone that loves you poke around and look on androidlib.com or androidzoom.com (I love you but I am too busy, sorry). If there isn't one already available that meets your needs I actually run a small android dev team and some $$$ might help me motivate them into action. You'd be limited to 16gb microSD cards until they come out with higher capacity ones. Payment on delivery and we keep rights to the software. No cost to you unless we meet your deadlines and requirements.

As part of helping you solve your problem I must point out that there is not really any such thing as a "playlist within a playlist" or a "playlist within a subfolder" on a digital storage medium; this is just an abstraction layer. While displaying them this way may help declutter your UI while organizing things in way that is useful to you, and should be really easy to support, there are work-arounds that may be worthwhile to explore that accomplish the same organizational feats even if they do generate a little more clutter. It might be better for you to get a more reliable mp3 player and use a work around. Imagine if you were trying to do the same thing with CDs: You wouldn't put cd wallet inside a cd wallet inside a cd wallet to organize them you'd just lay them out serially like most mp3 players do with their playlists. If it can work in a CD wallet it can work with a scroll button.

Make your playlists and use long titles instead of subfolders the sort them alphabetically. Like this:
Personal music - all
Personal music - dance
Studio music - all
Studio music - Warm up000 - all
Studio music - Warm up05 - 2010
Studio music - Warm up1 - 2009
Studio music - Warm up2 - Grindy
Studio music - Warm up3 - Sensual
Studio music - Warm up4 - Level 1
Studio music - Warm up5 - Advanced
(wanna ad a new playlist for 2011 and have it be 2nd without renaming the others? Name it "Studio music - Warm up04 - 2011")

Same number of playlists and same functionality just more scrolling. If it's a better mp3 player that won't let you down it might be worth the effort.

Also, you should be buying mp3 players 2 at a time for your business. In the case one isn't useable you have a backup. Which means you probably want something cheaper than an iPod xD

How do you make your playlists? If you're moving them into subdirectories then building playlists based on the contents of those directories I advise against this. As someone who been there I think that the problem you're having chossing a new mp3 player that supports your organizational method is only one of many potential problems of trying to organize large media libriaries with extensive use of subdirectories. As convenient as drag-and-drop can be a more software driven tagging, approach, kind of like iTunes, is the correct way to organize and sync large digital file collections without driving yourself crazy. Then you can create all the useful abstractions you want (like playlists organized into hierarchical groups which can then be displayed as subdirectories!) without messing with the actual locations of the files or creating mutually exclusive groupings that make it impractical to ever change your mind about what group something belongs in.
I'm not sure where you're getting the idea you can't have multiple levels of folders in itunes with an I-pod.

I just created


And them moved playlists into them at the various levels.

This seems to be exactly what you're asking for.

The only difference is you can't do it by drag and drop out at the windows system folder level. You need to import, flag/categorize, and then create playlists within Itunes to manage to the same design.
I appreciate the suggestion. I have friends who have had stuff deleted by iTunes (both music and aps) and I just find iTunes to be an untrustworthy hassle. I like the quick, easy, drag and drop feature of Windows. No worries about stuff being deleted by accident.