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Oh Vader

Apparently while Vader likes the domed cat box as a bed, he doesn't like it as a cat box. He used it as a cat box when the dome was off but now that the dome is on he somehow foud a way behind it and peed behind it on the floor. I know some cats don't like domes on their boxes but he liked it fine when he thought it was a cat bed.


Cats don't like to pee where they sleep. Most cats, unless they are trained to it as small kittens, REALLY don't like the domed litter boxes. They do, however, like to sleep in small, dark spaces.

The only thing I can suggest is buying a larger pan, or getting an automated litter box (one that cleans itself on a timer) because he's obviously not happy with the schedule it gets scooped. OR, there's something else in your daily routine you've recently changed and he's not happy with. Those are the only reasons to pee outside the box.

Unless...he might have a UTI. He's a young, neutered male, they're more susceptible than females. When was his last vet visit?
I work at home. So I'm scooping that box every time he uses it rather than once per day like most folks. So there's no way he's unhappy with how often it's scooped.

Can't use an auto cleaning cat box or anything larger because my bathroom is very small. The cat box I just purchased is much larger than his last box and it only fits in my bathroom because it's a "corner" cat box shaped like the corner so it can be crammed into a corner. And he used it until I put the dome on it.

I'm wondering if he just couldn't figure out how to get into the dome. I removed the door so he can just step right in now. Hoping that helps.
Removing the door solved the problem. Apparently now the way he likes to use the new box is crawl inside, turn around, and pee with his head sticking out of the door. The door probably got in his way and made him feel cramped.
You could always teach him to use the toilet... although, cats hardly ever flush, no thumbs mean the seat will stay down.
Get two domes.. One to sleep in and one to poop.. our cat claimed a cubbyhole linen closet spot to snooze in during the day in our upstairs part of our house to have the best of both worlds since it is uber light filled and warm up there.. He wanted a dark spot of his own to nap in while being around us... Maybe Vader just was annoyed to lose an awesome nap spot he liked.. :)
Actually I was thinking of getting a catty stack instead: http://www.cathousesystem.com/ Just like the domed cat box only made of cardboard (and we know how cats love boxes).
Indeed! :) thanks for the link, looks like a pretty nifty system.