Girl who dances in a cage (cagekitten) wrote,
Girl who dances in a cage

Sorry Vader!

Vader was peeing outside the cat box. Or so I thought. I couldn't figure out why there was often pee on the bathroom floor or wall. But I finally caught him in the act and realized he was in fact getting inside the cat box first. But like many men, his aim was pretty bad. Even from inside the box he would hit the wall and it would drop down onto the floor. I tried putting a towel under the cat box but as the towels would absorb the pee the entire bathroom would smell like cat pee.

Finally I had time to hit the pet store this weekend and I purchased one of those cat boxes with a dome over it so that it's impossible for him to miss the cat box or get anything outside the cat box. When I got home I set the cat box down on the floor and it took me a couple days to finally switch from the old box to the new. In that time, while the new cat box sat unused on the floor without any litter in it yet, Vader decided it was a neat place to crawl inside and turn into a little cat bed. He loved it so much I could actually hear him purring as he cozied up in the empty plastic cat box. I almost felt bad eventually having to take his new bed away and put cat litter in it so he can use it as a cat box. Sorry Vader!


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