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socks and cat

Fly anywhere in the US as often as you want for a month for $700

I want to do this soooooo much! For only $700 you can fly all you want on JetBlu for an entire month. Unfortunately I'm teaching 5 days a week that month so there would be no way for me to really travel. But if I didn't have to teach I would use it to fly to all the pole schools all over the country to try them and and get private lessons. And of course go shopping in LA because Hollywood has the best shopping! And visit a friend in New York.

JetBlue brings back 'All You Can Jet' passes



And come visit me!!
I did this with my family when I was a kid and it was a BLAST! We went all over the East coast ... Washington DC, Orlando and tons of places in between.

Too bad you can't take advantage of such a great opportunity (did I mention you work wayyyyyy too hard?)!! ;)