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socks and cat

Letter from customer

I got some feedback e-mailed to me today from one of our workshop students. She was very respectful about it. She told me exactly what she really liked about her instructor but also what could have been done differently at the very end (she liked the instructor and the workshop content she just wanted the end handled differently). I was impressed with her respectfulness and wrote her back right away that we would make the changes. She replied...

"Thanks for the prompt reply and clear intentions. Yes, you captured exactly what I meant. You seem like a very proactive boss. The instructors are fortunate to have you leading the charge."

Holy cow. Really. I'm hard to work for. I mean I'm nice but I'm also a control freak. I work insane hours for low pay (so I can put all our profits back into the business instead of into my pockets) to create this place of employment so in return I expect things just so and I'm quick to be vocal about it to instructors. I'm lucky they put up with me. So it felt really nice to have someone compliment my boss skills.