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Why I might wait another year before getting a cell phone

My business bank now lets people deposit checks by taking a picture of the checks with an iPhone and using a special iPhone ap. Also my favorite spiritual center now offers a 40 day empowerment program as an iPhone ap. I'm really tired of seeing incredibly cool things advertised as an iPhone ap and not an Evo ap. If I purchase the evo I wanted then I'll feel totally and completely left out of all the cool aps association with things I'm regularly involved in.

I won't break down and get the iPhone 4 because of all the complaints and bad reviews. I'm wondering if there is any way I can hold off on getting a cell phone until June of next year when the iPhone 5 comes out. It will be tricky considering I want to open a second studio on the Eastside in April. That means the new studio would be without a phone for 3 or 4 months!


For what it's worth, the last thing I'd ever want to do is trust my cell phone to do my banking securely and properly. The app sounds like a cute gimmick, one that probably works, but how has the way you do banking now stopped you from doing it well? Don't get sucked into the hype too much - if you wait around for what the next version promises, you might wait forever, only to be disappointed. If you need a phone for the new studio, concentrate on the mechanics and response of the hardware and service, not the shiny frills and money and time-sucking things that will only compound any problems that come along.

Maxmin brings up a good point - cite the credibility of the sources offering good and bad reviews for the phone. I distrust about 99% of the feedback offered because the general pool of consumers are stupid and have unrealistic expectations for their technology. Then when it doesn't do what they want, they rant about it. Doesn't mean it's not capable, just that they don't like it or don't know how to use it. Industry 'experts' are nearly as bad, wanting to write up a few hundred words to be published or paid for their opinions or observations of a device that they have a personal agenda with. Read the fine print for your carrier, and then use it to the hilt within their trial period before commitment happens. If it doesn't work in that time, good thing you found out before being bound to a contract or other terms or costs. If it does work, it's gonna be as risky as anything else.

But I've been in the industry too long. I'm sorta jaded. I just want a phone with a well working dial tone and some battery life. Your mileage may vary.

So, realize, I am a fan of both Apple and Google, but I have neither phone.

First, the antenna problem is a real problem. It is not as dire as some people say, it does affect signal reception to a degree that the phone part of the device stops working in low coverage areas, not everywhere. This is exacerbated by GSM (the phone technology AT&T and non-US phone carriers uses) having a shorter range than CDMA (Verizon, et als technology). It is also fixed by a free case that Apple is giving away for the next month and 1/2. I'm betting that phones delivered after Oct 30 will have a coating to make this a non-issue.

In my opinion, Apple dropped the ball by allowing design ascetic to trump antenna design. You can change the design, not the laws of physics. Then they recovered well by offering the free case that largely takes care of the problem.

Now as far as the Droid phones not having Apps. Realize that android devices are out selling iPhones the past couple of months, so there is a large incentive for people to deliver apps for them. It would not surprise me if the bank has an app for Android in the works if not already. You might want to double check that the app would work for your account, they might have different legal requirements for business' than consumer accounts.

Now the spiritual app is another story, just because it isn't the focus of their business, but the learning curve for Android is lower than iPhone because it is Java compared to Objective C.

I personally think that the phones are a wash, there are some really cool technologies on both. For you I would recommend iPhone because more thought was put into the end to end experience, but the voice typing of Android and it's support for searching by photo is really neat.
I have the iPhone 4 and I love it!

I wasn't actually even aware there were problems with them.