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kitty grab

Your odds of getting cancer are 1 in 3

According to this video if you are a woman your odds of getting cancer are 1 in 3. For real!?


Michael was told by an MD he worked with that if you live long enough, you will get arthritis and cancer.
Couple people here beat me to it. Essentially, if you can live long enough, you're going to get cancer. It seems to be the one thing that'll get around to everyone if they let it.

But also, let his video or group cite its sources. Just because I can make a video that tells you you're gonna be likely to get cancer, where'd I get that info? If I have an agenda, I may have just pulled it outta my ass, or used statistics to get what I want. Granted, it might be a fact, but don't believe it until you can find it.

But at Gargoylettelc said, if you can stand to outlive everything else, cancer will find you, eventually. It just needs time and circumstance.