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kitty grab

Your odds of getting cancer are 1 in 3

According to this video if you are a woman your odds of getting cancer are 1 in 3. For real!?


Well, I now know three women diagnosed with breast cancer. A friend was 28 at her diagnosis (she is now 30), my mother is 63 (diagnosed three weeks ago), and my almost-mother-in-law was 65 at her diagnosis (in January).

I know many others that have had cancer of some type, but these three women are all exceedingly close to me (I speak to them daily).

Women are susceptible to breast cancer because of hormones (and the lack thereof) and that risk goes up the older we get.

Also, uterine and cervical cancer are prevalent in younger women, usually those who have had at least one child. Again, it appears to be a hormone thing. A friend of one of my employees just hit the surgery lottery - she has to have a partial hystorectomy, which means no more periods, but she gets to keep her ovaries, so no early menopause, and she can still have sex (and the desire to do so) without the risk of getting pregnant, only a month waiting period after surgery. Her husband, who got snipped a month ago, isn't as amused as she is ;)

I think this woman is 30-32.

I'm looking into partial hysterectomy and from what I read, even if you keep your ovaries they mostly sorta shrivel up and die and you go through early menopause anyway, just not as severe. I'll probably still do it.