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socks and cat

Done jumping through hoops

I canceled my United Airline debit and credit card. Huge thanks to i_am_janet for cluing me in to their dirty little trick they don't tell you about. Yes, they do give you 1 miles per dollar you spend. But what they don't tell you is that a 5,000 mile round trip ticket to Los Angeles will cost you 25,000 miles. And they don't tell you a 6,000 mile round trip to Hawaii will cost you 40,000 miles. In other words, you have to spend $40,000 and pay $100 to $300 in annual fees (depending on how many years it takes you to earn enough miles) before you can earn a ticket you could easily purchase on your own for about $400. If a mile is not worth a mile then it should be illegal to advertise that you are earning 1 mile per dollar.

It's too bad the folks at BofA can't figure out how to process a card application. Had they not mishandled my application twice I would be earning miles on Alaska airlines. But even after they approved me they forgot to send me my card. So I'm pretty much done dealing with BofA and I have decided not to work with any point accumulating or mileage accumulating credit cards or debit cards. If I want a flight or a gift card somewhere I'll pay for it myself thank you very much. I'm done spending money and jumpimg through hoops to earn gifts from banks.


But a "mile" is just the name they give to the points that they use to keep track of whether you have met the requirements.

Also don't forget that they also charge you $100 to use the points.

Using my mothers points to go to Dallas, cost us $300. ~ $200 to buy the last little bit of miles I needed, then $100 to use the miles. It sucked.
Sing it sister!
That's why you hook up with a Credit Union.

Banks keep stringing you along by dangling shinystuff at ya'.

Credit Unions re-invest into lower rates and better percentages for members.

And I came here by route of exploring my 'friends of friends' button for the first time.

Merry day of Thor to you and yours.
Sorry to hear it didn't work out. My mileage account grew exponentially when I was flying on Horizon weekly and also using my B of A Alaska Visa to buy those tickets (they gave me bonus miles on top of the actual dollar purchases). And since I paid off the balance every month (no interest charges), the annual fee for the card made the $1 dollar = multiple mile ratios much more worthwhile.

It's certainly not worth it if you have to change your spending habits and/or spend extra time on something that should be easy (you have enough to do!).