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socks and cat

What do I bring a male friend for his birthday?

Normally when I go to a birthday dinner for friend I either bring them a card or flowers. But tomorrow night's dinner is for a male friend. So flowers wouldn't really work. What can I bring him?


Dessert? Maybe a nice bottle of wine or liquor?
I should have mentioned the birthday dinner is at a restaurant. I suppose I could still bring alcohol if it's wrapped as a gift. But I don't know what he drinks.
Naked pictures?

And flowers would work. I love getting roses.
Roses are a bit of a romantic gesture. Is there a less romantic flower you can suggest?
Is it a good friend? Does he have a favorite flower? I like orchid myself.
He might be a good friend but apparently I'm not because I don't know his favorite flower. :( He's a gamer geek. What flowers do gamer geeks like?
leather roses...;)

Honestly that I don't know for sure babe.
Fresh flowers from the public market makes a lovely gift to a casual friend.
Chocolate it is!
Does your friend like coffee? Some good coffee beans are appreciated and not too personal, you can ask at Peets or a coffee house what blend they recommend.
...flowers work.