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socks and cat

Should I keep bidding?

I'm getting my butt kicked on this eBay auction. I keep being outbid and with shipping it's about up to $200 for all the armor. I really wanted it, especially the shoulder, knee and arm pieces, for my sexy madmax costume. But considering I don't even know if it's going to fit or how it would look with my strappy costume, I'm wondering if I should just give up bidding on it. The armor with the made of straps sexy costume might be an amazing jaw dropping sexy combination. Or it might just look like I'm wearing lingerie and armor. I just don't know.

I could wear the armor with the strappy outfit:

Or some kind of warrior outfit using this chest chainmail:

Any thoughts? Keep bidding or let it go?


I know a few people locally that can make armor for you, that would, I think, be better suited for your purposes. This armor is actually intended to be used. I'm thinking you'll want some sexy fantasy armor. As it happens, a friend of mine specializes in that... :-) I'm sure he'd be willing to make you a few pieces, and for less than $200.
Really? Because I've been e-mailing an armor maker online and he wants $100 alone just for the shoulder pieces!! Can I get in touch with your friend soon (like before this auction ends in a couple days). I think sexy fantasy armor is in fact what I need.
The chest-mail is way too delicate to look right with that armor. The strappy outfit might work - hard to say. But I'm with zanfur on this one. Find someone you can work with one on one, and get the right thing made.
If you keep bidding now the person you're going against will most likely keep bidding back. If you waited until the last 10 seconds of the auction to put your maximum bid in, you'd stand a better chance of winning it.

But that would require being at the computer in order to sit and watch the final minutes count down before you put your bid in.
Don't spend a lot of money on armor you can't touch or try on. Go find someone to make you some...
That armor is for fighters in the Society for Creative Anahchronism. It isn't costume armor. It's going to be heavy and likely is going to be sized too large for you (unless it's advertised as "small" armor).

For costuming I think you can find some better and cheaper choices.

Don't forget that "Mad Max" armor used football should pads and similiar gear. If you really want a "Mad Max" look you can get that kind of used sports equipment pretty cheap locally. Kids or teenager sized sports equipment would probably fit you.

If you don't want sports equipment, you can still do better for "costume" armor for your purpose then this SCA armor.

My advice is stop bidding and let someone who is going to use this armor as intended win this auction. You can do better for your purpose with other stuff.
Let it go...

You are petite, and I guarantee that armor is for someone a LOT bigger than you. It won't fit properly, if at all.

Go with a local armorer. Shop around if you have time. Get it made, tailored to your body. It will cost more, but should be worth it in the end.

Am planning on doing this myself, as soon as time/money/opportunity arrives.