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socks and cat

1/2 price pole class

I have some unfilled spots in our Thursday evening Intro to Pole Dance classes that being this Thursday evening. I'm willing to offer all 6 weeks of the class for half price: $97.50. Or for those who can't afford the class I might be willing to offer it for trade. Please post a comment or contact me directly if you are interested.


You might want to rethink offering discounted tuition just to fill up empty spots in a class.

I used to do something similiar in my pistol training classes, but stopped doing so.

By offering a discount to a student just to fill up a class you are essentially penalizing the students who signed up early and paid full price.

They helped you out by signing up and paying the full tuition in a timely fashion. This helps you know that you'll have enough students to hold a class and helps with your scheduling.

But, by then offering a cheaper rate to students who register later, just to fill the spots, you are penalizing those early students. They "did everything right" by registering and paying early, but don't get as good a deal as the later student.

If students find out about this the early students who paid more can get pissed. If word gets out generally it can hurt you because then people might start waiting to register until the last minute to see if you'll offer a "fill the spot" discount.

I ran into this myself. I know no longer offer discounts just to fill a spot.

Now the only discounts I offer are "referal discounts" for when family or friends take the class together. Those are not keyed to when the students sign up and anyone who refers another student is eligible to "earn" that discount.

(I also sometime put close friends in at my cost, but that's rare.)

While offering a discount tuition to fill up the class works well from your point of view, think about how it looks to the students who paid early, and you can see how it can bite you in the ass later. (As happened to me)
This post is on my personal website where only my personal friends can see it. This is NOT being offered publicly anywhere. I expect a business owner to give discounts to their friends and family. I'm pretty sure my chiropractor gives free adjustments to his friends. I'm prettys sure the owner of the hair salon I go to gives discounts or freebies to her friends. I'm pretty sure my massage therapist gives a free massage to her boyfriend or best friend. And I'm pretty sure I can trust my friends not to blab to other students that they got the class for half price.