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socks and cat

Mileage card

Someone got a hold of my business debit card number and charged over $800 to a travel agency in the Middle East. Not a big deal since I have fraud protection. But as long as I'm being forced to get a new debit card number I decided to break down and get one of those mileage earning ones. I get 1 mile per purchase in which I do not use my PIN number (in other words, tell the merchant it is a credit card even though it is a debit card). But I can't use the miles until I accumulate 25,000 miles. That will take me about 2 years. Looking forward to a nice vacation in two years.

On the downside the debit card won't get to me until Friday or Monday. And they can't give you temporary debit card numbers for mileage cards. So my business cannot make any purchases until Monday! Yikes! I feel naked without my business card.


You should get a company credit card and use that instead of the debit.
Would be inclined to agree.

I protect my checking account by not using it for anything but paying my bills online and rent, all of which I actively control the process for. The only thing that auto-draws from it is my renter's insurance, but that is because State Farm are dinks and they won't take monthly payments on credit, only annual.

Doing it this way, I've never had trouble with my bank account being hit. I've had two fraud attempts on my cards, but those don't usually bother me much, and here's why:

My credit cards (the two I use and pay off each month) are a buffer that stand in the way of do-badders getting to my checking account. I've found it more of a challenge when my "actual" money is threatened then my credit, if that makes any sense. If my "actual" money gets taken, it can risk things like a rent check bouncing while the bank resolves things, while if my credit card is compromised, I can usually take the temporary hit while they investigate and remove the charges. By keeping two (one I use much less) I also have a backup plan should I find myself compromised on either account.

Edited at 2010-07-15 05:44 pm (UTC)
ARGH! PIN is Personal Identification Number, pin number is redundant and drives SOME OF US INSANE!
Sorry. I meant PI number! :)