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socks and cat

I think I may have found some armor for my costume

So after posting that picture of my sexy hope to be costume I'm really disappointed that I didn't get many suggestion on how to make it into a costume. But lucky for me crowgrl13's suggestion was great. So I spent two days googling for armor and I think I finally found an artist that makes reasonably priced shoulder armor in small sizes. Here it is:

I just e-mailed him about it and also asked about this skirt that he has on his website as part of a larger armor set:

I asked him if he would make the skirt and sell it separately from the set which normally costs $1200. I would like to have the shoulder armor and skirt as part of my Max Max siren costume for Norwescon next year. I'm thinking about those metal wrist braces as well.


you forgot to tell us where the website is so we can look too ;)