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socks and cat

Assault caught on film

Someone actually captured our zombie attack and retreat from the zombie's side of the wall. The video is only 41 second long. If you look up at the top of the hill you'll see teeny tiny zombie hunters (because we are so far away) and I'm the one in the bright white tank top. About 2/3 of the way through the video you will see they suddenly realized they are being fired upon and turn and climb the 2 foot wall to chase us. You'll see about 50 to 100 zombies suddenly attacking us all at once. It was quite a shock but so exhilarating to be suddenly chased by 100 or so zombies. Look by the end of the video how many zombies are attacking us!:


Which, really, is how that would go. You never get just one zombie, you always get a horde. Neat video. :)
Well how it would really go is the zombies would die when we shoot them in the head. Given that most of the zombies refused to play fair and stop when they were hit with nerfs, we'll never know how it would really go. I'd love to be involved in a fair game where they really stop or drop when they are hit by our bullets. Then we would know how long we would really last in a zombie attack.