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socks and cat

Norwescon reservations done

Called Doubletree and fixed my reservation for Norwescon. Got the rate down from $169 per night to $117 per night. And because I called so early I got a mountain view room in the Tower. But I also know from experience that by Friday at con next year they will have given away my room to someone else and give me whatever crappy room is left over. I hate that they do that but that's how they do business. I plan to arrive on Thursday this year and maybe that will help with me actually getting a parking space and the room I reserved.

Now I just need to remember to pay registration. I totally forgot to buy my pass for Norwescon next year when I was at the con this year.


If you plan to arrive on Thursday, try to arrive as early as possible, since I've seen the parking lot fill up really fast on the first day of the con.