Girl who dances in a cage (cagekitten) wrote,
Girl who dances in a cage

What costume could I make this into?

As some of you may remember I was saying I felt so sexy and confident in the dress from this post that I want to turn it into a sci-fi or fantasy costume for Norwescon. I tried putting it together with my steampunk goggles, a PVC shrug and shredded PVC skirt. I really liked the results but I still don't know what kind of costume to make it into. Below is the back of the costume so far and behind the cut is the front (front may not be considered work safe).

Could I put a mask with it and be a super villain or something? Can I be a cat woman? Would wings do something to the costume? Need ideas for con please! I suspect I won't be allowed to wear this at the hotel until after 10pm (hotel security asks women with costumes that have only tape covering their nipples to not walk the halls dressed like that while children are about). So assuming I'm even allowed to wear this at con and not sent to my room by hotel security, what costume could I make this into? If it's just too slutty or too fetishy for con and should be saved only for fetish events, feel free to say so. But I'm hoping it can be made into a sci-fi costume of some kind, preferably with a mask of some sort.


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