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socks and cat

iPhones vs. Droid

I'm still about to make the grand switch from landline to cell phone now that 4g is out. But I have still but stuck trying to choose between the Droid and iPhone. Based on the new iPhones reception problems and dropped calls, I guess this makes the choice pretty easy:

No quick fixes likely for iPhone death grip

Too bad because people who have iPhones seem to otherwise like them. But I'm not about to be stuck with a phone for two years (if that's how long the contracts are) that has reception problems.


You might want to see if someone you know that owns a iPhone will be willing to come to the studio for a little while. They should test out how the signal operates in various parts of that and your home. Do the same with a Droid as well, and don't forget to check both the call reception and 3G/4G access.

Given those are places you spend a great deal of time, I would think that the results you get will be important to your overall happiness with the phone. If you can't get a call everywhere but in your own house, no matter what the phone, you're going to be bummed :(

Oh, and fun thing: I am assuming the Droid does this too, but if you have a wireless network at home, the iPhone is able to connect to it if you set it up to do so. It will help you a lot in saving on data usage (since new iPhones now have limits on data).
Yes the Droid can also connect to wireless.....

I have the Droid HTC and I loveeeeeeee it. It was all I was looking for, and I haven't had a single problem with it so far. Never had an iPhone so I can't speak on that.
Actually there is a quick fix, put a case on the phone.

This issue affects all phones, but is more pronounced on iPhones without a case.

I recommend a Droid X though.
Or just a wee piece of scotch tape over the side joint lower left corner does the trick too apparently .. makes good news to harp on an apple problem though.. ;)
I'm an android developer :)

note: iPhone4 is not a "4g" phone but that probably won't matter to you.

Try a few out and pick the phone you want. Android and iPhone are both good platforms with plenty of apps available. There are a LOT of android phones to choose from. Also the iPhone 3GS would be a perfectly good choice if you decided you liked it.

My favorite right now is the EVO. Kristina has one. Not sure if I want to switch to sprint though.
I have heard that instead of paying an extra $30 per month to make your droid a hot spot for your laptop you can buy some device for $18 that will do it for you. Do you know anything about this?
If you get an Android phone, I can make your phone do it for free. Making the phone a hotspot called "tethering", btw.

I have a datacard, which is the "device" you speak of. I prefer to have a separate device, as I often use my phone while needing to have laptop internet, as I do a lot of international confcalls from coffeeshops. You don't need it if you're willing to lose phone capability as you use your laptop's internet.
Thank you, I think I will very likely take you up on your generous offer. I doubt I'll ever need to be on the phone while using the phone as a hot spot. My business is done 80% internet and 20% phone anyway.
Love, love, love my Droid.
I prefer the droid, but I'm a hacker, and I actively hack my phones, so I like a "less finished" product. But that's not why I'm bothering to comment. The big thing when buying a new smartphone is...


The difference in phone price between a 1-year and 2-year plan package, for the same phone, is typically only $70 or so. The phones cost $500-$700 without the plan discount. Most providers let you upgrade 3 months "early". Smartphone become outdated in about 6 months...you'll want a new one after a year, trust me. Technology moves that fast.


If you get a 1-year plan, you're giving yourself at least the ability to buy a new phone at a hefty discount (commonly $300-$400 in discounts) every 9 months. If you get a 2-year contract, you're paying $70 less and committing to that phone for 21 months before you can get a discounted phone again. It's like paying $70 now for the ability to get a sale of $300-$400 nine months later. And as I said, trust me on this one, you'll want an updated phone if you're using smartphones, *especially* if it's a Droid. (Think on that -- the very first Android phone came out in November of 2008, less than two years ago. There are new releases of the OS, that fix various annoying things, every 6 months or so...and you need a new device to run the new OS, as a general rule of thumb.)
Yup I can agree with this.. ( one year plan if you can get it) I'm currently using a first gen unlocked iphone.. Passed onto me from my partner.. so i'm not playing by the rules either.. I know he would like the newest phone but has a two year plan on his current ( he bought the first outright..) ( i refuse to give up my cheap international.. all north america as local plan .. So I deal with losing functions but still enjoy my phone.. I don't need to be on the bleeding edge.. not the case for most.. )
I wasn't aware they offered 1 year plans. Thanks guys!
I intend to go ahead and get the iPhone 4 and put a case on it, which will eliminate the reception issue and also protect the phone. I wish I had done this with my iPhone 3Gs. I dropped it on the pavement and broke the mute button on the side. I gotta say, though, it's a f'ing tough phone to have survived that fall and is still going strong. I'll probably wait a few months until they have more kinks worked out of the 4G model and then recycle my current phone and get the new one. (One of the main reasons I'm doing this is they just lowered their rates on the data plans. I switched to the $15/mo data plan which is just fine for my usage and also to the lower text messaging plan and I'm saving almost $400 a year - so be sure to watch your usage and use that to decide what plan to buy)

AT&T does not have a 4G network, by the way. Don't let that sway you over to Sprint, though. Even in the larger cities like Seattle, Sprint's 4G coverage is really spotty and most people aren't really seeing any benefit out of it, yet.
If AT&T doesn't have a 4g network yet then why are they offering 4g phones?