Girl who dances in a cage (cagekitten) wrote,
Girl who dances in a cage

Seattle Zombie Walk

Our team of zombie hunters...

Reloading my weapon:

The BEST zombie there was the stormtrooper zombie:

Look I killed one!!

More pics at:

I had more fun at that zombie walk on Saturday than I ever could have imagined. The minute I got out of my car people were already asking to take my picture. That's when I knew all the time and money I put into my costume (mostly the gun) was worth it!

As a team of hunters we were also an instant hit. The minute the news crew got done interviewing the organizer of the zombie walk they went right to us to interview us. And whole innocent bystanders in Fremont (who weren't expecting a zombie walk) looked shocked and puzzled by all the zombies, our presence brought instant smiles and laughter. Lots of people took my picture and a lot of folks asked me to pose so they could shoot the back of my shirt. There were roughly 4000 people there dressed as zombies but less than 50 or so dressed as hunters. So we were the stand outs at this event! And I think I had the best gun of every hunter there.

The highlight of the day was our ambush attack. You see the majority of zombies were in a fenced in area waiting for the walk to begin. We couldn't go into the fenced in area because it cost $5 to register and go in. And it didn't make sense to pay $5 to register as a zombie for the world record when we weren't really zombies. So we started to walk around the fenced area hoping to find where they would exit and start walking. We ended up wondering into an alley where buildings blocked the fenced area.

Then we hit the motherload! Between the buildings was an area where the fence was missing! Not only that but it was raised by about 2 or 3 feet off the ground above the zombie fenced in area. I looked at my co-hunters and said, "They are like sitting ducks down there. Let's open fire!" We all closed in on the opening and opened fire with nerf bullets into a HUGE freakin' crowd of waiting zombies. It was fun for a few seconds until the zombies realized they were being ambushed and shot at and turned on us. Before we knew it they were climbing the raised wall and coming after us. We were so outnumbered it was ridiculous and before I knew it I had stopped firing and was screaming like a little girl as 50 or so zombies chased me down the alley and out into the street! It was like being inside a real live video game and I can't remember the last time I experience anything that exhilarating and fun!!

We spent the rest of the walk stalking the zombies and sometimes herding them and protecting innocent bystanders. We found more hunters and joined them in a ambush area. The hunters actually went a little overboard in that area so I bowed out and did not shoot any zombies there. Eventually a zombie called the cops on the hunters (for real). So I'm glad I didn't participate in any of that.

Toward the end we all hung out on a bench waiting for a table at a restaurant. Because my gun was modified to shoot 125 feet I was actually able to shoot a car full of zombies when they stopped at the stop light. They taunted us by rolling down their window and roaring and then ducking when I tried to shoot. Imagine everyone's surprise when all my nerf bullets hit their car from over 100 feet away.

I'm definitely going to attend more zombie events and hopefully improve my zombie hunter costume even more. One guy had actual armor on his hunter costume and I think I need some of that.

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