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socks and cat

Room for Norwescon

I didn't want a repeat of this year so I just made my room reservation for Norwescon for April 2011. They aren't even offering discounts for the con yet (not according to the reservations line anyway) but I didn't want to wait. I get super busy and I don't even notice when room discouts are available and then I miss out completely when they book up. Hopefully when the discounts are offered I can catch it and cancel and rebook at the discounted rate. But if not, better safe (and more expensive) than sorry.


Call the reservation line again. Ask for a supervisor if you have to. The Norwescon negotiated rate is available. Has been since exactly one year out. (Which is the earliest the hotel can take reservations). Send a message to hotels at norwescon dot org if you have trouble.
Thanks. It sounds to me like the reservation line is in a different country. I'll call the hotel directly tomorrow.
When it comes to getting the con rate, it's always best to deal with the hotel directly, than going through the reservation line.
I asked the resrvation line if I could get the con rate if I called the hotel directly. They said it was exactly the same as dealing with them. But again, they're in a different country so how would they know?
They are just saying that, so that you do their business with them.

I've heard lots of stories of people going through the reservation line when the con rates were availible, and either the reservation line said that they don't have that information in their database, or tell them that they are getting the con rate, and when they get their bill at check out, they were charged the regular rate.
I haven't gotten a room yet, but I might be interested in sharing...
I would love that. I requested Tower but the reservations line would not let me choose. Hopefully a call directly to the hotel will remedy that.

Let me know if/when you're ready to commit to sharing a room. Otherwise I'll keep myself open on the market for a roommate.