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socks and cat

Man Overboard

quicksilver is still stationed in San Diego awaiting deployment to Iraq. He sent me a check this month to take care of some of his expenses and I found it amusing that he used a D525 Man Overboard form to wrap and conceal the check. When I opened it I found a form with some of the following questions:

Was the man overboard recovered safely?

Did coxswain maintain position control?

Was the engine placed in neutral until victim was recovered?

Did crew recognize man overboard in a timely manner?

Was life ring thrown?

Did crewman point continually for vusual reference to coxswain?

There is a list of more questions that probably only make sense to the Navy. I guess we can all relax knowing that if a man goes overboard in Iraq (ummm...what?) that we have a procedure in place to make sure he is recovered safely.


Yes, not only is there a process, there is a standardized form to allow them to make sure that it is being followed.

My summary of the questions

  1. Did the guy live?

  2. Did the guy driving the boat work to keep it close to where the man went overboard?

  3. Was the engine put into neutral so the man did not get chopped up by the propeller

  4. How long did the crew take to notice someone fell overboard?

  5. Did the simplest thing anyone can do get done?

  6. Since the driver can't see the guy in the water, did everyone work together to make sure that he knew where he was?

I'm not balking at the process. I'm balking at the idea of sending the Navy to the desert. But then again I'm prejudiced because I want him home rather than out in the desert being shot at.
The Navy is important for keeping the tankers going to Iraq, they have a small shoreline and only 1 major port.

We want to keep their economy going well enough to prevent people from thinking overturning the government is a good idea.
You know, I like this summary. It makes the NavySpeak mean more :)
The military has a very different jargon from most professions mostly because it has been evolving for much longer.

I like to know that they have put thought into keeping everyone safe on the ship and established a procedure to do so.

But I do have to wonder if there is a form that you could do away with and bring our military to a halt. Imagine: "For want of a R4589-J the Republic was lost!"
It was my job during a "man overboard" to conduct the count of everyone on board. 5000+ people. Oh yes, I remember that well...