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socks and cat


Thank you katethoughts for fixing the flaw in my new logo. Next step is to have it put on a tire cover for my car: http://www.sparetirecovers.com/logos.html

Actually that's the second step. The first step is to pay the $800 in filing costs and attorney fees to trademark it.

Third step is to have the website redesigned and include the new logo.


I really don't understand the process. You have to file the right kind and in the right way and if you do it wrong they send it back. Believe me I wish I could save $500 and do it myself.
Also I don't think those express services apply when your trademark includes a name already being used by a business: your own. I'm filing for a new logo on the old trademark, a process I don't see explained anywhere online.
Damn, I *DID* hire an attorney for that. What did he do wrong? And who should I hire instead of that attorney to do the new one? Can I pay you to do it? You seem to know what you're doing.
But I paid for the logo design. Are you telling me only to trademark my name and not my logo and tag line too?
Then how do I keep other businesses from stealing my logo?