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socks and cat

Need LED's

My badass nerf assault weapon arrived. Paint job is nice but it did not come with nerf bullets. Silly me thinking if I paid 3 times the original value of the gun for a modified version that it would actually come with nerf bullets.

Need to get some, as well as some LED's to put in the gun. It's boring if it doesn't light up at night. Where can I get LED's in Seattle?


Lots of places, what kind/color of LEDs are you looking for? And how were you planning to wire them up? I have some that I would be willing to offload :-)
Red LED's. Jonwa is going to wire them for me when he gets back from his trip.
Frys (Renton) or RadioShack (everywhere) or VetCo (Bellevue). I likewise have LEDs I could give to the worthy cause.

While you're at it, buy a $4 laser keyring, and... instant red-dot laser sight for your gun :) (Have Jonwa wire it up to the battery pack he's using for the LEDs though - laser pointers use those silly little batteries that don't last long, so AA or AAA batteries would be better)
I'll check radio shack this weekend (the others are too far away). Thanks! I forgot, do you live on the Seattle side or the East side?
Eastside (Kirkland) :)
Radio Shack has LED's but no modules to keep the batteries from burning out. Or they do but it requires sodering, which I can't do. Do you have any with build in modules?
I think the flashing LEDs are ok for direct connection to batteries (not sure), but for me it's just easier (and a lot cheaper) to do the soldering and get what I want rather than get what is available.

I don't have much free time, and I don't know how you intend to use the lights, but I could probably set up something simple for you - a battery box with an on/off switch which powers red LEDs on a length of wire. I'd need to know what length of wire you'd want between the battery box and the LED though, and how many LEDs-on-wires should be attached. If you'd like me to do that, describing how/where you want the LEDs would help a lot. (As would borrowing the gun teeheehee)

Doing a blinding LED muzzle-flash can be done, but I probably don't have the time to start something like that - I'd use 1-watt or 3-watt LEDs, and they're a bit trickier to use properly.