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socks and cat

Lucky Orlando

I used to think that Helena Bonham Carter was the most beautiful woman in the world. But now I'm convinced it's this woman, Orlando Bloom's fiance:

When I saw her in Victoria's Secret I thought she was 14 or something. But apparently she's 27 years old.


She's up my alley for pretty, but I'm afraid of those lips. They look 'installed' vs. born with. I've never been a fan of the injection lip trend, but if they're natural, I'll quit my complaining.

As a photographer, I should know better. It may not be anything other than well-done makeup to make her lips look like that if they otherwise don't. As an overall package, yup, she's pretty. *fans self*
Agreed. and those with lips like that from the original equipment manufacturer are just fine! I'm kind of tired of the women doing it for some sort of enhancement they didn't need, that's all. It's the only thing that jumped out at me as a possible bad choice if it was made, but otherwise, 98% is my vote, too.
I suppose you're also against man-made diamonds because they aren't "natural" :P

Concerns about negative social impact of unrealistic physiology aside: if it looks good it looks good; doesn't matter how it got that way.