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cat on a pole

Luda and the Bieber

One of my instructors just gave me a flash drive full of music for classes. I was reviewing the songs and was quite shocked to find a song called "Baby" by Justin Bieber. The shocking part; it features a rap by Ludacris. Yes, that's right, a Justin Bieber and Ludacris duet. Ummm...what!?

Does he lose any street cred for this?


It's called "selling out"... but guess what? Who could blame them?

YoYou ever notice the same rappers who have "street cred" now live in neighborhoods that are nowhere near "the street"??

I'm just saying... 8-)
Is it sampled or a collaboration?

If it is sampled, then Ludacris doesn't and I don't care either way, so I haven't thought about the other case.
The track says he is "featured" in the song.
I'm not sure what the exchange rate is between Cred and Cash, but I'm not sure there is much that cred buys you that cash can't... I'll take the cash :-D