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socks and cat

The End of Men

Atlantic Magazine published an article called "The End of Men". I wish I had time to read the entire thing but a couple points from the article:

For ever 2 men that get a bachelor degree, 3 women get one.

Of all the couples paying for gender assignment to conceive the gender of their choice, 75% choose female babies.

Hope I have time to read the rest of the article. Men are no longer dominant in the work force and apparently not needed as much anymore these days.


You hear that guys? We're being forced into a position where our only purpose is reproduction of the species...

Our plan worked!...
Well, you do realize that doesn't necessarily mean having relations with women, don't you? ;)
Colbert talked about this last night, I saw the encore just now.

I don't want to argue with the article, but I do want to nitpick: Doesnt the article say for every two B.A. Degrees that men get, women get three? What about B.S. (Bachelor of Science)?
Sorry, I just have to roll my eyes at the title of the article.