Girl who dances in a cage (cagekitten) wrote,
Girl who dances in a cage

Why would you want a friend like this?

Two calls today from women who want to cancel their pole parties. Same thing every time; their friends all agree they want to go to the party. Then at the last minute their friends back out and refuse to pay -- leaving the hostess/organizer of the party to pay the entire balance on their own (which of course they can't afford without their friends chipping in).

I have to explain to each one of these women that I have already turned away other parties that wanted to book their time slot. I kept my end of the bargain by not taking their spot away from them and selling it to another bachelorette party. I turned down money to hold that spot for them. So the answer is no, I'm sorry but you can't have your $100 deposit back.

My question is, what kind of friend would do this to their friend? Why would you say that yes I want to join this bachelorette pole party and pay a small portion of it to be there only to back out at the last minute and stick your friend with the bill? Why do so many women settle for friends like this? Do they not think they deserve better? Or do people who have you buy them tickets to something and then don't show up and don't pay you back for the ticket just have other outstanding qualities as friends that makes them worth keeping even though they periodically bail on you and leave you stuck paying their share of the bill?

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