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socks and cat

30% off coupon for my complaint

I just called Victoria's Secret corporate customer service to tell them about the odd experience I had at their store last weekend (see my previous post about this). They confirmed that the sales girls are in fact not allowed to leave their sections just as I suspected. The customer service rep I spoke to said that may be changing soon. She also got my address to send me a coupon for 30% off my next Victoria's Secret purcahse. Not too shabby.


Make sure the coupon doesn't require you to "fill it out"
and turn into an application...
No kidding!
i went into the Alderwood store yesterday and my experience was normal, no walkie-talkies, no boxes of bras.
i'm glad they gave you a coupon, yay.


Buy that bathing suit now!!

Erin (I am no longer on Live Journal - boo)