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I nearly cried in the chiropractor's office today. My doctor informed me that while I was correct in that my insurance covers only 6 visits per year at $15 per visit...there was also a $150 deductible first that I didn't know about. After a couple seconds of me panicking he finally told me to breathe! I didn't dare since I was on the verge of crying like a baby in his office. But even though they gave me over $200 worth of services on my first visit on Friday (X-ray, consultation, nerve scan, adjustment, etc.) they said they would only charge me $27 for that visit. And today they charged me $15. And the best part: they billed my insurance the full $200 so my deductible is met and I won't have to pay it.

Assuming this deductible applies to all non-clinic visits, this horrible neck pain could end up being the best thing that's happened to me this month. Because I have an appointment next week to get a referral to a specialist for something else. That specialist visit would have cost me the $150 deductible. But thanks to the chiropractor that has been met.

This is just a reminder to me to let go of judging everything. Sometimes even the worst things; a neck injury, losing some one, missing out on a job you really wanted...can really turn out to be a path to something better in the end. I'm so panicked about my unemployment ending that I forgot not to judge the situation. I just have to let go and trust that this is going somewhere good. Maybe I'll land a job that is a good fit that I wouldn't have if I hadn't waited until the unemployment ran out. I really don't know. I can't predict it. So why panic?

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