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socks and cat


I feel strongly that life as I know it will end if I do not purchase this dress:


I am in agreement. Purchase this dress to save us all! :)
Yes. Yesplease. Purchase that dress.
I didn't notice the dress at first. ;)
what dress?
EEEEEWWW... Even the smoking hot model looks nasty in that dress. It is too boxy and unflattering and looks like something at sea got caught in a net. Not to mention it is trashy as hell.
Why bother wearing clothes at all if you are going to put that on? Save yourself the money and wear panties, a choker and electrical tape (or DON'T and wear some clothes for christsakes!). Sorry, but this dress is just -- no. Leaving at least SOMETHING to the imagination is so much sexier.
I'm inclined to agree. Though, it would look wonderful if it was full length.
I feel strongly that life as I know it will end if I don't see you in this dress.
I will admit that I'm not overly fond of the dress, and the reason why is that it makes her torso look too short. While I am average height, I always considered myself short because I come from a family of "giants." I quit wearing horizontal stripes in high school not because I was worried about them making me look fat, since I was at least 15-20 lbs underweight, but because they made me look shorter! Just something to take into consideration before you buy it.



You're kinda cute and kooky but you just don't have the tits to pull this thing off.


Somebody had to tell the truth.
I know these other creeps wouldn't do it.

Re: Look

Dude, you live in Kansas. How would you know what my tits look like?

Re: Look

Loving the icon used for this response. A+++

Re: Look

Thank you. I'm pretty sure my bikini clad icon set this Kansas stalker straight!