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socks and cat

stolen from dmholman

I need to learn THIS version of CPR!

Super Sexy CPR from Super Sexy CPR on Vimeo.


Smokin hot...like meow....
Hey, I'm feeling sort of dizzy and short of breath and I'm wondering if you could come over and...

resuscitate me.

Will you be wearing that sexy bra and panties?
If that's what it takes, I'm shopping right now!
Is it wrong that I look at that, and after enjoying it, the logical part of my mind kicks in, and I say that it's being done slightly wrong? At the end, the lady who is doing the resuscitation shouldn't be straddling the one she is resuscitating. She should be off to one side or the other. ;)
Well she also shouldn't be feeling her up while looking for the location of her heart for compressions. In this case I think only the verbal instructions should be followed for a life saving procedure, not the visual.
wowser! If they had videos like that in health class, there would have been a lot more paying attention going on.