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socks and cat

Worth it?

Review of the new 4g phone I am thinking about switching to next month (from my land line): http://news.yahoo.com/s/ytech_gadg/20100520/tc_ytech_gadg/ytech_gadg_tc2163

Including the hotspot wi-fi capability it will cost me $80 per month (don't know how many minutes that includes). That's quite a jump from the tiny $30 per month I pay now for my landline. Considering that I live at home and work from home and would most likely NOT answer my phone when I'm out with friends...is it really worth it to have a cell phone? I would really like the GPS feature for when I get lost (which I do often) and I want the hot spot feature so I can use my netbook when I travel. But damn. Why pay $80 per month for a phone when I have one now for only $30.


One of the things I like the most about my 3G phone is that I have it set up to act as a wifi hotspot (or as a wired tether) - so I can use its internet connection from my computer where I am. (And so can my friends if I give them the password - when the internet went down in our building a bit ago, my whole lab was getting to the net through my phone.)

But that depends on the phone, and to some extent on your plan. I have a ADP1 - which is basically a G1 - and I'm running all open source bits on it, so I have toys that you don't get if you have the straight commercial version.
I think so. I am switching to it when it comes out. I don't have a landline and I depend on my cell for internet too, so I am excited that 4G is coming out and my internet will be faster.
One thing to keep in mind is that my cell phone gets terrible reception in certain parts of my house. I have to be near a window to get perfect reception. But this also depends on the cell phone, carrier, etc. Might not be a problem for you in Seattle (I live in the suburbs -- but don't a problem the minute I step out of my house anywhere!).