Girl who dances in a cage (cagekitten) wrote,
Girl who dances in a cage

Is there a device that makes a cell phone ring loud enough to be heard in every room of the house?

Now that 4g phones are coming out in 2-weeks I think I may be ready to drop my land line for good and make the switch to full time cell phone. Just one problem. My town home is two floors and because my phone is for business I need to be able to hear it ring whether I'm upstairs in my office or downstairs in the kitchen. I googled for a way to make this happen and all that came up were devices that make your cell phone ring to your land line (they cost about $150). But why would I continue to pay $30 per month for a land line just to make my cell phone ring to it? If I was going to do that I would just not bother getting a cell phone and keep my land line.

Is there some kind of device I can hook my cell phone up to while at home to make it ring as loud as a land line so I can hear it no matter what room I am in? This is essential to run my business.

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