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Is there a device that makes a cell phone ring loud enough to be heard in every room of the house?

Now that 4g phones are coming out in 2-weeks I think I may be ready to drop my land line for good and make the switch to full time cell phone. Just one problem. My town home is two floors and because my phone is for business I need to be able to hear it ring whether I'm upstairs in my office or downstairs in the kitchen. I googled for a way to make this happen and all that came up were devices that make your cell phone ring to your land line (they cost about $150). But why would I continue to pay $30 per month for a land line just to make my cell phone ring to it? If I was going to do that I would just not bother getting a cell phone and keep my land line.

Is there some kind of device I can hook my cell phone up to while at home to make it ring as loud as a land line so I can hear it no matter what room I am in? This is essential to run my business.


Um. Why not just keep it on you? Isn't that sort of the point of a mobile phone?
I have tried keeping my landline cordless phone clipped to my pants a few times. I usually forget it's there and it ends up falling into the toilet when I go to pull said pants down. I'm picturing a $300 4G phone taking a swim if I forget to remove it in the bathroom. Or worse, I'll forget it after I take it off and leave it in the bathroom and miss important business calls.

I wonder if they make arm straps for phones like they do for iPods. Although I don't like the idea of having a device strapped to me all day either.
My husband has arranged through google voice for him to have a Google Voice phone number. That number is set to ring both his cell phone and our home phone. He does not pay for this service. I'll find out from him how to do it.
My understanding is that google voice can only do this if you have an ACTIVE landline. So in that case google voice is not free. I mean it is but it's still $30 per month to have a landline working so that google can forward to it. That would add up to $1,800 over the next 5 years. And $1,800 to get your cell phone to ring loud is just not a reasonable cost.

If I'm wrong and google voice has some way to ring to a landline phone that is not active, please let me know.
Most phones are small enough to keep in a pocket -- I'll admit to sticking my phone in my cleavage if I'm not wearing pants with pockets. I've never had a problem with keeping one on me everywhere I go, it becomes second nature.

However I do not know of an amplifier for a phone like what you're looking for. They do make carry cases that clip on to clothing that are a LOT more secure than the typical belt holster for a cordless landline phone.
I work at home in my tank top and underwear. No pockets. I mean I could wear pants but most of the sweat pants and pajama bottom pants I wear at home also have no pockets.
***insert joke here about turning phone to vibrate***
Joke nothin. I'm certain that's the intent!
This phone is pretty darn big. It is bigger than the iPhone.
Thanks, I will google search for products like this.
Depending on the phone - there are external Speakers for a lot of devices. Even if you have to come up with a couple of "piggyback" type things to get it attached to an amplifier etc.

Then you can connect it to any sound system in your place. Often in a cradle type config.

This. It has a headphone jack so you could plug it into computer speakers.

BTW, it is an MP3 player too and you can replace the memory with 32gigs. You wouldn't have to use that one thing you just bought.
I'm seconding checking local deaf communities. What about Bluetooth?
I am not familiar with Bluetooth but I'll ask about it at the sprint store.
Think this might just be the thing you're looking for:

Win! Thank you!
yay!!! what do I win?!!!
I crown you king of tech geeks!