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socks and cat

More room on the Fuze please

The Sansa Fuze ran out of room so fast it's ridiculous. I am now deleting songs I don't listen to anymore in order to make room for just a few new ones. But deleting one or two does not make room for a new one. Why is that?

I do plan to use the removable memory chip feature to add some playlists that won't fit on the Fuze. But I'm just trying to fit in 5 more songs into a playlist already on the Fuze. Why does deleting 10 songs not make room for 5 songs?


Songs of different duration lengths and recording quality will end up different file sizes accordingly, in that bigger is more. So if you replace 10 small songs with 5 big ones then yeah, you won't have extra room.
They are all about the same length.
But recording quality can make a different. Look at the file sizes of each. All mp3 players store data based on file size, not song length. I was merely saying that if they're the same recording quality then the length would make the difference in file size. If the length is the same, quality would be the differential. If they're more of less the same file size then I'm stumped.
I'm wondering if it's not really deleting them, but moving them to the trash or some such? (I don't know the device at all, though.) But if that's the case you won't get your space back until you empty the trash.
I told you so! LOL

Also, what Will said.
Yeah you were right. At under $100 I will consider this a temporary mp3 player and when a better one comes out on the market I will replace it. By better I mean something with NO bells and whistles or aps like an iPod (don't want or need those) but with more memory than this tiny thing.