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socks and cat


I've decided that if I'm going to purchase a modified nerf gun for my zombie hunter costume that it should be a light up nerf gun like this. But I can't find any for sale online:


I looked at the link you sent me and I can't find any information on how to purchase this. I don't have the time or patience to mod myself. Where can I buy this??
I'd say just see if you can get a hold of "Forsaken_angel24" and see if you can commission him to make one for you.
I don't see an e-mail address listed for him. How would I contact him to commission one?



of good combat. Why on earth would you want to broadcast your position to the enemy?

Better to ask for a NERF gun with a GPS transponder.

Re: Antithesis

My enemies are zombies, they don't have guns.

it seems he went to the thrift store to get his supplies to make his Lancer.
I meant to say that getting an exact replica might be tricky, and that you might have to go with an approximation.
Thanks! It look like I will have to set up a membership on that board to get his contact info. Worth it though.
I also found an e-bay for one of the original models that came with the game if you got the special edition. just for a comparison, and maybe a few ideas.
Holy cow that's cool! But it doesn't shoot nerf bullets or light up. :(