Girl who dances in a cage (cagekitten) wrote,
Girl who dances in a cage

shopping addict...but within reason

I know it seems to folks that read my LJ that I blow a lot of money on costumes and clothing. But I don't spend any more on clothing in a month than most people spend in a month on coffee, cigarettes and gasoline. I don't smoke and I don't buy coffee (I make tea at home). And I rarely buy gas since my office is in my home and my dance studio is walkable from my home. I should also mention that a typical Saturday night out for me costs about $5 because I rarely drink alcohol at the clubs. Occasionally I'll buy dinner out with friends but again, when you're not buying alcohol, the dinner bill is usually pretty cheap.

So yeah, I spend WAY more than the average person on costumes, formal wear and sexy go-go dancing outfits. But dollar total wise I don't think I spend any more than the average employed person does. I just happen to spend it on sparkly, blingy, sexy, costumy things that make me happy instead of coffee, cigarettes, gasoline and alcohol.

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