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shopping addict...but within reason

I know it seems to folks that read my LJ that I blow a lot of money on costumes and clothing. But I don't spend any more on clothing in a month than most people spend in a month on coffee, cigarettes and gasoline. I don't smoke and I don't buy coffee (I make tea at home). And I rarely buy gas since my office is in my home and my dance studio is walkable from my home. I should also mention that a typical Saturday night out for me costs about $5 because I rarely drink alcohol at the clubs. Occasionally I'll buy dinner out with friends but again, when you're not buying alcohol, the dinner bill is usually pretty cheap.

So yeah, I spend WAY more than the average person on costumes, formal wear and sexy go-go dancing outfits. But dollar total wise I don't think I spend any more than the average employed person does. I just happen to spend it on sparkly, blingy, sexy, costumy things that make me happy instead of coffee, cigarettes, gasoline and alcohol.


That is funny you bring this up, because one of our mutual friends asked me yesterday if you were a hoarder. LOL. You kind of are! I think you should spend your money on whatever you want, but to most of us, it doesn't look reasonable. It looks excessive. I know you have a whole lot of shoes and boots that are nearly identical.
You don't have to tell me who the mutual friend is, I just want to know if said mutual friend has seen the inside of my home or is just guessing based on how many clothes I buy.

I would consider myself a mild hoarder. Unlike true hoarders there is not crap piled everywhere in my home or paths through the junk to the exits. But the number of closets it takes to hold my stuff is definitely above average. So I would say mild hoarding.
No, they have not seen the inside of your home. They are just guessing based on the posts you make.
That's a relief! I mean I might have a pile of unopened mail here or there and a laundry basket full of clean clothes sitting out that needs to be folded. So I was worried maybe some one saw that and assumed I was a hoarder from stuff like that.
LOL. Nah.
I get this. I know anyone who reads my journal thinks Kent and I spend a lot of money on tickets for concerts and shows (or did when we were both working fulltime); however, we rarely go out otherwise. We both are homebodies with lots of hobbies. We don't own a car (public transporation FTW!), usually cook at home, and neither of us smoke.

Hence being able to see 'Wicked,' 'Rent,' Leonard Cohen, Steely Dan (his choice, not mine), The Moody Blues and Alice Cooper in the last year. On food service workes' salaries.

Love seeing the clothes posts, btw. It's like window shopping from the comfort of my living room. :)