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socks and cat

$500 too much to replace hoses

Does anyone know a freelance mechanic in Seattle? I just paid $700 yesterday for an oil change, safety inspection and all new brakes. I don't mind it so much because I have used that mechanic for years and I really trust them. But they want another $500 to replace my 10 year old radiator and heater hoses. Obviously those hoses don't cost $500 so I know the cost is the hours of labor it will take to replace them all. And I know they have to charge that much for labor because a business has a lot of overhead. But I'm thinking a free lance mechanic won't have that kind of overhead and might be willing to do the job for less and still make a fair profit. Anyone know a mechanic looking for some work?


Ooooor... You could be bad... and hang on to the $500 and add a pinch of tax refund, and put it towards a new car!

(If the car is getting on in years, it might be that the radiator is not the only expensive thing that might soon need replacing)

But... I wouldn't advise that you be bad. (That would be bad!)
The radiator is fine. It's the hoses that need replacing.

And while my truck is about 12 years old, I really love it! No one in the world makes two door convertible SUV's anymore. So it's not like I can go and buy another one. It's an SUV but it is so tiny that it can fit in tiny little parallel parking spaces that most compact cars are too big to fit into. So I'm not really looking for a new car until some one else makes a teeny-tiny little economical mini-SUV.