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socks and cat

$500 too much to replace hoses

Does anyone know a freelance mechanic in Seattle? I just paid $700 yesterday for an oil change, safety inspection and all new brakes. I don't mind it so much because I have used that mechanic for years and I really trust them. But they want another $500 to replace my 10 year old radiator and heater hoses. Obviously those hoses don't cost $500 so I know the cost is the hours of labor it will take to replace them all. And I know they have to charge that much for labor because a business has a lot of overhead. But I'm thinking a free lance mechanic won't have that kind of overhead and might be willing to do the job for less and still make a fair profit. Anyone know a mechanic looking for some work?


The part itself could be a $20 part, or a $100 part. Per hose. I'm not sure how many would go in a 20 year old truck. But it's not exactly an easy job on any vehicle, and it has to be done properly or else it will destroy the car.

An oil change I'd go to a local freelance person. But on something major like this, considering I have an old truck myself, I'd prefer going to a full service repair shop. If the shop you've been with for years is telling you it'd be $500, and they've always done right by you, I'd let them do it. There's no guarantee that the quote would be any less at a single guy's shop -- it might actually be more, and you have the risk of him not doing the job properly.
It's not 20 years old and I wasn't looking for a single guy's shop (more like a freelance guy without a shop or a guy who works at a shop but wants some freelance work onthe side). But I get the rest of your points so maybe I'll just go ahead and pay the $500.